Learn by doing

Tangible Thinking is interactive, hands-on and activity-oriented. Every participant will be guided to lower their professional guard and access their innate creativity and courage. Every participant will learn tools for increasing their personal facilitation skills and group effectiveness, along with techniques for gaining buy-in from their constituencies and transitioning a team’s solutions and output to a desired future state. Selected participants will also become Catalysts who are trained to bring design thinking to your organization. Tangible Thinking Catalysts will have everything they need to change how their department thinks, acts and solves problems.

Design Thinking for Everyone

No two Tangible Thinking programs are exactly alike - your program will be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. What every Tangible Thinking program has in common is this core curriculum: a set of clear and well-defined techniques proven to empower non-designers to solve problems using the principles of design thinking. If you’d like to explore how design thinking can transform your workforce, let’s get to know each other.


From the beginning your teams will be set up to both learn and succeed. We will make sure they understand the key elements that departments need to achieve true innovation and creativity.

Simple Sketching 101

Learn why and how your teams can use the language of simple sketching to capture their thinking visually, remember key information more clearly, and share what they’ve captured with others.

Journey Acting Workshop

We use our minds and bodies to discover opportunities for innovation end-to-end with your product or service. We will also learn about complementing and documenting the experience with graphic recording.

Deep Customer Empathy

Knowing the choices your audience makes is the first step toward designing to meet their needs. Your teams will learn how to define your broad goal, define your target audience, generate key questions, and create a protocol.

Patterns and Meaning

Your teams will learn how to analyze and synthesize data, then break it all down and cull themes and patterns. From these insights, we’ll ask provocative questions that will empower your teams to brainstorm solutions.

From Empathy to Insight

Your teams will learn how to create empathy maps, problem statements and journey maps using simple sketching techniques. These tools will help your organization uncover and bring to life powerful user insights.


Your teams will learn how to intentionally turn up the generative part of their brain – and turn down the evaluative part. By the end of this session, you and your teams will have a better sense of which ideas will be worth exploring and developing further.

Storyboards and Prototypes

Storyboarding offers a low-tech way to explore your solution’s end-to-end experience, discover potential issues, and get others on board with your vision. We’ll explore fast, simple, and low-cost ways to test your concepts with customers, and get feedback you can use to refine your ideas.

Testing Solutions

Your teams will learn how to get the right feedback from customers in a simple, clear and unbiased fashion, as well as how to fail fast, pivot and never stop learning.

Building Buy-in and Storytelling

The mechanics of storytelling are crucial to the understanding and adoption of new approaches at every level of your organization. Your teams will learn how to leverage storytelling and simple sketching to create an engaging presentation.

Evaluate and Iterate

We will work closely with your leadership to evaluate the efficacy of your customized program, and iterate for greater effectiveness for your distinct group of employees. We will also identify and empower candidates ready to become Tangible Thinking Catalysts.

Ongoing Coaching

We want your teams to succeed, and above all, for design thinking to be successfully integrated into your organization’s culture. Our team will be available for office hours and coaching on an ongoing basis, even after your program is complete.

"If you're undertaking any type of transformational efforts in your org, James is the go-to person when it comes to innovative design thinking expertise. He inspires through his infectious energy, and his keen facilitation instinct for knowing how to bring the best out in people is second to none."

Kara DeFrias
Director of Experience Design, Obama White House