Design thinking training for customer success engineers product developers sales product managers your entire team.

We make design thinking tangible.

We get it - too often, design thinking workshops leave your team inspired but unable to implement real change within your organization. That’s why we rely on tried and true teaching methodologies to empower your own employees to be coaches, so design thinking becomes a part of your ethos.

Change the way your workforce solves problems.

Tangible Thinking unlocks the creativity and spirit of innovation within every member of your organization, training your employees to solve problems by actually solving your own business problems in real time - not hypothetical problems or someone else’s problems. Your teams will generate stunning new ideas and a clear path to leverage those ideas into highly successful solutions.


Your teams will learn how to work on the right problem and how to ask the right questions.


Your teams will learn how to harness customer-centric innovation techniques with a proven track record and deep history with some of the world’s most innovative organizations.


Your teams will understand how to achieve deep customer empathy, learning how to suppress their biases and engage in true need-finding.


Your teams will learn proven processes for engaging with customers and stakeholders, turning that research into insights, and turning those insights into actionable innovations.


Customer-centric innovation ensures that your customers actually want the solutions you build for them.
Your employees are also your customers, and design thinking can improve efficiencies within your internal systems. Either way, innovation pays for itself.*


Your organization will have a complete Design Thinking program and ethos installed, run and imbedded into its practice. Your employees will gain a durable career advantage.

*Over the last 10 years, design-led companies have maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by an extraordinary 228%.
- Design Management Institute

"The Tangible Thinking curriculum has been a game changer for my organization. By the end of the sessions with James, I walked away with a clear understanding of actionable next steps on how to apply design thinking principles to the way we approach innovation, product development, and most importantly, addressing customer problems. Being part of an extremely customer-centric organization, design thinking has become a critical aspect of our business strategy."

Steve Ko
Head of Product, Sysco LABS